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Honoring Sandra Lofland Brown

William E Bartelt, Chairman of the IHS Awards Committee, and Jody Blankenship, IHS President and CEO, announced on November 2nd that the County Courthouse Clocktower Restoration Committee and the Montgomery County Historical Society received the Outstanding Collaborative Project Award at the Founders Day Awards Program. For those of us here in Montgomery County we know that the driving force behind the restoration of our Clocktower was Sandra Lofland Brown.

The IHS logo says WE DO HISTORY. Sandy has certainly DONE HISTORY. We congratulate her and the many citizens from near and far as well as our MCHS who supported Sandy’s 22 year long project to fund, design, and raise into place the new 86-foot clock tower atop the Montgomery County Courthouse on May 17, 2018, after George E. Bunting’s historic 1875-76 Neo-Grec design Courthouse had no clock tower for almost 80 years.

Sandra Lofland Brown rejoices just as we all do driving into town from 231 North or 231 South or anywhere we can see the clock tower and/or hear its chimes and its musical voice.

The Indiana Historical Society’s annual Founders Day Dinner, originally scheduled for October 5th at the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center became a Virtual Founders Day Awards Program broadcast via Facebook Live on November 2nd. Enjoy the presentation below.

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