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frequently asked questions

Does the Montgomery County Historical Society receive any government funding?

No.  The MCHS relies entirely on local support to fulfill our mission.  If you are interested in supporting us please consider a membership or donation today.  You can contact us at 765.362.3416 to find out more.   ​

Can you help out with my genealogy search?

We are always willing to try, but realistically we do not have the staff or primary sources to answer genealogy requests.  Montgomery County has an active genealogy club that is better equipped to help you. Please visit their website You can also find great local genealogy resources online at the Crawfordsville District Public Library Local History Department’s Web site


Can you answer a question about Montgomery County basketball?

There is an organization that is better equipped to answer any and every question you could possibly ask about county basketball. Contact the Montgomery County Basketball Hall of Fame at  


Do you accept donations of artifacts?

Yes, but before we can accept an item, it must first be evaluated by our collections committee to determine if the item is consistent with our collections policy. In some cases we may suggest that an item be donated to another museum whose mission may be more compatible with the artifact. Please contact us to suggest or offer a donation 765.362.3416 or

I have a family heirloom that I’m uncertain how to care for. Can you give me some advice on how to best preserve it?

Yes, we would be happy to do so. Simply call or e-mail us and arrange a time when we can look at the heirloom and offer suggestions to preserve the item. We do not charge for this service.

I have this antique, and was wondering if you could tell me what it is worth?

It is against museum ethics to appraise items. We would recommend that you contact a reputable antique dealer in your area, or monitor internet auction sites to see what similar items are fetching.

Our club or class is interested in learning more about a historical topic. Would you be available to make a presentation?

Yes, schedule allowing one of our staff or board members would be willing to make presentations on many areas or subjects in Montgomery County history. There is no charge for this service. To schedule a presentation please call or e-mail us.


I’m planning a social function (e.g. wedding, club meeting, family reunion). Can we use Lane Place and its grounds?

Lane Place and its grounds are owned by the MCHS and we are happy to rent the Pattison Pavilion, aka the Gazebo, and the grounds. To learn more about renting the grounds and pavilion, please contact us at (765) 362-3416 for availability. Read the                                           to learn more about rental. Access/use of the Lane Home is not included. 


How do I join the Montgomery County Historical Society?

It’s easy, just download our                                                   , fill it out and return it to us with your membership payment. Annual memberships begin as low as $25. Being a member helps support the preservation of Lane Place, the Speed Cabin, and their artifacts. Your dues will help us continue some of our projects: the Veterans Oral History Project; restoring the Courthouse Clock Tower; free tours for Montgomery County fourth grade students; and the Jane Kessler Memorial 4th Grade Essay Contest. Members can enjoy benefits such as free admission to Lane Place, gift shop discounts, receiving publications, participating in
bus tours, and attending the annual dinner.

Does the Montgomery County Historical Society operate the other Crawfordsville museums, too?

Curiously, the answer is no. Each of Crawfordsville’s four museums is operated by a different organizational entity.

The Carnegie Museum of Montgomery County">  is operated by the Crawfordsville District Public Library.


The General Lew Wallace Study and Museum is operated by the Crawfordsville Parks and Recreation Department. 


The Old Jail Museum is operated by the Montgomery County Cultural Foundation.


The Ropkey Armor Museum is privately owned and operated.

The only historical sites MCHS operates are Lane Place and the Speed Cabin.

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