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Lane Place House Exterior and Pavilion S
Pavilion_MoCo Civic Band Concert
Pavilion_ Christmas
Pavilion_ Close Up

The Pattison Pavilion, established in 1995, is the summer home of the Montgomery County Civic Band, and host to numerous weddings and other events. The Lane Place grounds contain a variety of native Indiana trees within the arboretum-like atmosphere. A tree map is available.

Would you like to host your wedding, graduation party, anniversary celebration or other event in the Pattison Pavilion on the beautiful Lane Place grounds? Contact us at (765) 362-3416 or to schedule your special occasion.

Pavilion Rental Details

A signed agreement for the use of Lane Place Grounds & Pattison Pavilion is required. Our policy is as follows:

Use of the Pavilion and/or grounds will be reserved upon the receipt of a $300 rental fee and a $100 refundable damage deposit.  Reservations must be made a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to the event and are subject to availability. The reservation can be for no longer than one six-hour period of time, an additional four-hour period of time on the same day can be reserved for an additional $150 fee.  The rental fee will be refundable upon cancellation if cancellation is made three (3) weeks or more prior to the scheduled event. The damage deposit will be retained if any damage has been done to the grounds or any structure on the grounds, or if any of the below points are not followed.  

 ● The user(s) is/are responsible for all items necessary for the occasion and must clean up and leave the grounds as it was prior to the event including any repair to the grounds and/or structures caused by the user(s).

 ● The user(s) is/are responsible for removal of all trash generated by the user(s) prior to, during, and immediately following the event.

 ● No materials or decoration that could mar the Pavilion's woodwork or floor, such as nails, staples, crepe paper, etc. are to be used.

 ● No real candles, faux flower petals or rice can be used.  If anything is to be thrown, as for a sendoff, only biodegradable materials can be used. 

 ● No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the grounds. 

 ● The Montgomery County Historical Society will not provide any security personnel or other assistance at the time of the event. 

 ● The Lane Place interior, the Speed Cabin and the storage shed will not be available for use during the event.

 ● No vehicles are allowed on the lawn and the driveway is to remain open for traffic to the Lane Place and the D.A.R. House. Public parking is available on the streets adjacent the grounds. 

 ● Noise volume must be kept within the comfort range of this residential neighborhood. 

 ● No toilets, lavatories or dressing room facilities are available on the grounds. Portable toilets will be allowed only by special arrangement. 

 ● A certificate of insurance must be provided by the user(s) at least 24 hours prior to the event.


*The user(s) is/are advised that the Strawberry Festival takes place annually on the second weekend of June. Some set up for the Festival takes place the first weekend of June; signs may be placed on the grounds during set up. Every effort will be made to keep the area around the Pavilion free of signs.


As part of your reservation, you will need to contact us to access the MCHS Pavilion Rental Agreement, and then sign and return it to us with your deposit.  Contact the office at 765-362-3416 or email to speak with a staff member today about renting the Pavilion and grounds.  

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