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A Little Paint Job...

Well, okay, maybe it wasn't just a little paint job...maybe it was a really big paint job. And not just a single job at that! In 2019, the Montgomery County Community Foundation awarded us a grant that allowed us to do a lot of much needed work at Lane Place. The MCCF has always been supportive of culture and history in Montgomery County and their support of the Montgomery County Historical Society has allowed us to do so many wonderful things to safeguard Lane Place and our arboretum for the community!

The projects that our 2019 grant covered were:

- Completely stripping and repainting our North columns (a HUGE job)

- Stabilizing and repainting the base of our 2nd floor West Columns (a tricky job!)

- Repainting a section of the flooring in Lane Place's library (yep, you heard that right - painted floors, so cool)

- Repainting the entire interior of our carriage vestibule (think of it as a antechamber or lobby, that was in desperate need of scrapping and painting)

- Installing two outlets in our collection area (taking care of a fire hazard)

- New office shelving (our documents are better organized and there's no chance these shelves are falling down!)

- Our outdoor office stairs were completely redone (making a much safer entrance)

- Re-graveling our drive (to ensure safe footing)

- Designing a new website (looking good isn't it!)

So, a HUGE Thank You to the Montgomery County Community Foundation!

Here are a few pictures of a few of our finished projects:

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