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Well here we are, the first post on our shiny new website! We are excited to have this new platform to reach our community and members!

This is the digital home of the Montgomery County Historical Society, which is housed in the historic home of Senator Henry S. Lane, affectionately known as Lane Place. Never heard of Henry Lane? No problem, how about Abraham Lincoln? Ah yes, we thought that name might be a bit familiar. Abraham Lincoln and Henry Lane led very similar lives. So similar that they ended up working together to form the Republican Party and would go on to support each other in politics. As Lincoln became President, Lane would be appointed Senator (not until the 17th Amendment was ratified in 1913 were U.S. Senators voted for). How that came about is a really interesting story - that we'll save for another day. Today we just want to tell you a little about our society.

The Montgomery County Historical Society, has been around for quite a while. Formed in 1911, we wouldn't come into possession of Lane Place until 1931. The property was presented to the MCHS by Helen Elston Smith, Henry Lane's niece, as a home for the society and the artifacts it had collected. The home has since become a way for us to showcase Victorian life during the late 1800's. We also have a lovely collection of items that represent our county's history as it pertains to pioneer life, the Civil War and much more.

Please follow along as we share Montgomery County history and what's happening here at Lane Place and in our community!

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