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A Thankful Thanksgiving

Did you know that President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday on October 3, 1863? The first national celebrations would then take place on November 26 of that year. Lincoln made it a national holiday in the hope that it would not only be a time to give thanks but that it would help to heal the wounds of the nation from the devastation of the Civil War.

While the Lane's surely had Thanksgiving celebrations here at Lane Place we have no historical records of them doing so. We do know for a fact that the family came together often, which was facilitated by their close proximity to each other. Below you'll see a picture from the early 1900s with some of the Lane family situated in front of the home.

This year we hope that Thanksgiving can be a time of peace and hope for your family as we gather together, connect digitally, wave from 6 feet apart and find new meaningful ways to connect with each other. Let us reflect and be thankful for all that we have and let us look forward with hope. Happy Thanksgiving from the MCHS to you and yours.

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